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Product informations : Combo Replacement Massage Electrode Pads/Patches

Combo Replacement Massage Electrode Pads/Patches

$ 49.99

Combo Replacement Massage Electrode Pads/Patches  Free shipping USA
The 7  assorted HealthmateForever replacement electrode pads are compatible with all HealthmateForever TENS devices/units/massagers

Price: $49.99
-Small oval shaped pads: 1.75″ L x 1″ W, made of medical non-woven fabric, flexible for small joints area and flat areas;
-Large Oval shaped pads: 2.5″ L x 1.75″ W,  made of PET material, easy to clean, good for flat areas, such as abdominal;
-Large Hands Shaped pads:2.5″ L x 1.75″ W, made of medical non-woven fabric, flexible for joints area and flat areas;
-Large Gourd Shaped pads: 2.5″ L x 1.75″ W, made of medical non-woven fabric, flexible for joints area and flat areas;
-12″ Long strip/pad/patch for lower back pain, spine pain, around calf, thighs for better circulation of water, blood, or toning muscles at abdominal area, around biceps, triceps, thighs etc.
-XL rectangle pads : 4″ L x 2″ W, made of medical non-woven fabric, flexible for big joints area and flat areas;
-XL rectangle pads : 4″ L x 2″ W, made of medical non-woven fabric, flexible for big joints area and flat areas;

For your safety, please order pads from our company as they had bio-compatibility test in accordance with ISO 10993-10, Cytotoxicty+test in accordance with ISO 10993-5, FDA approved

Ship by USPS within one business day,  free tracking delivery confirmation.

Retail value: $97

assorted HealthmateForever replacement electrode pads for all HealthmateForever TENS massagers

assorted HealthmateForever replacement electrode pads for all HealthmateForever TENS massagers


5 Electrode pade for sten therapy unit.,May 1, 2013 By Michael Carman

The pads are of the highest quality, and the price is phenomenal. There are a couple shapes that I hopefully may never need, but you never know. Great buy. M.J.C., Dundalk MD

5 Great variety,April 28, 2013   By CMB
I purchased a Healthmate Forever TENS unit, which only came with a few small electrode patches, some of which are included in this variety set. I decided to purchase this mainly because it came with the lower back strip and larger electrode patches which would cover a larger area on my shoulders and upper back. I am definitely satisfied with my purchase. Not only do I find using my TENS unit more effective when I use the larger patches, but I also have back-up’s of the smaller ones that came with my original purchase. With the number of patches provided in this variety set Im sure I wont have to replace or purchase any new ones for quite a long time. Keep in mind that these patches are for TENS unit’s that have snap on connections to the wires. All in all, great set of electrode patches. If this set ever wears out I’ll come back and purchase this again.
5 GOOD ASSORTMENT FOR ANY TENSE UNIT,April 3, 2013 By scott beller
This collection of contact pads is a good assortment for any tense unit. Good quality and selection for whatever your needs are.
5 Work well!,March 28, 2013 By M. E. Fleming “cias jewels” (Cincinnati, OH)
Now I can pick which pads will work best for the aches and pains I have. I would purchase them again!
5 Awsome, March 12, 2013    By   Matt S.
I tried these out right away and they worked very well. I would suggest and i will repurchase these in the future.
5 Great Value!!!,March 9, 2013 By Henry D. Cornelison
Recommended very useful, threre is enough to effectively cover all your needs. we can use specific patches for their intended uses.
5 Very useful addition to my TENS unit, March 1, 2013  By   mamafirebird
The selection of different sized electrode pads was ordered at the same time I ordered an TENS unit. These cover a useful range of sizes, from big pads to smaller ones, which are perfect for targeting specific pain locations on the body. Just as bandages are not “one size fits all,” it has been helpful to have small pads to use on hands and wrists, while the larger ones are better suited to large muscles. While the TENS unit comes with several electrode pads, I am glad for the extra assortment of sizes.
5 Pads for mini massager, February 20, 2013   By  Terry Jenkins
Love the actual number of pads received for price, but the best part of this item was the extensive variety of sizes and the number times can be used ……Highly recommend theses to anyone who has tried the mini massager!

5  You must try this product 

Amazing… If you suffer from lower back pain you have got to try this product. This electrode works better then any other I have tried. It is soft and flexible and sticks phenomenally well. Most importantly, the pain disappears… I have gone to the chiropractor for years and used their professional machines and these electrodes make my little belt mounted TENS unit feels 10 times as powerful.

5   Excellent Product 
This is now my favorite type of electrode. The thin strip is comfortable and the extra long length provides the stimulation over a longer area which really seems to relax and massage the muscles more. Plus you only use one of the cords from the unit to the strip so there is less to tangle. It seems just as powerful as using 4 of the small rounds or squares. I ordered one to try it and after 1 day I ordered 4 more so I would have plenty of them since I’d never seen this type before.

5  very nice
This gives a better distribution across the low back than the two separate pads. Very convenient to connect up and attach. What else is there to say? Don’t know about life but it seems to be better build than the standard adhesive electrodes.

 5  Oh sweet relief!
If you have low back pain and own a TENS unit try this product. The quality of the construction is first rate, the gel adheres well even after a dozen uses and shows no sign of wearing out.   It allows me to cover my lumbar area with one channel and then use the second channel for two smaller electrodes where I need them on my piriformis and SI joint.

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